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Elephant in Wild

Individual Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You

Individual Therapy help you increase clarity on the many curve balls that life throws at you. We encourage mindfulness practices and meditation for stress relief. If you find meditation challenging, we will work with you to develop a practice that works for you.  It doesn't matter if the glass is half full or half empty if you have a pitcher nearby.

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Couples Therapy

Connection, Communication, Compassion

In couples therapy, we focus on improving communication and how to increase connection and intimacy. None of us were provided with an instructions manual for relationships, we could all use a little coaching.

Elephant family group in golden grass wi

Family Therapy

Healing the Village

Family therapy is one of the most profound and rewarding experiences to share with your loved one. Working on issues as a family unit provides the opportunity to shift the entire family system into wellness.

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